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Axis Efforts to Stop Operation Pedestal

Operation Pedestal occurred in August 1942 and was the most important convoy destined for Malta to deliver much needed fuel. Axis attacks were ferocious.

Italy’s Secret Flight From Rome to Tokyo

The Italians believed Allies had broken their radio codes. A secret mission was formulated for a daring flight from Rome to Tokyo to deliver new codebooks.

Interview of Ezio Vari: SM.79 Sparviero Crew

A 2001 article of Ezio Vari on his experiences on the SM.79 Sparviero is reprinted by permission from Veterans & Vintage, Gruppo di interesse aeronautico.

Accounts of the First Battle of El Alamein

A detailed account of the first battle of El Alamein between Italian and German units against Commonwealth forces. Many first hand accounts are referenced.

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