Category: Order of Battle

This category pertains to the Italian Order of Battle (OOB) for the various theaters in which Italian forces operated. These Order of Battle reports attempt to capture the command hierarchy, military units and equipment of the Italian forces in World War Two. Here you will find Italian Order of Battles ranging from Libya in 1941, the Battle of Britain and the Russian front. As you may know, an OOB is dynamic and changes over time. The Italian OOB’s listed in this category will be constantly updated as new information surfaces. You can help by sending us any corrections or new OOBs via email. Please ensure you provide us the name of the reference material used for the correction or addition you wish to make.

Italian Invasion of Greece on 28 October 1940

The Italian Army invasion of Greece occurred on 28 October 1940. The Italian Regio Esercito Order of Battle for the Greek invasion is identified below.

Axis Forces in Libya September, 1941 OOB

The order of battle of Axis forces stationed in Libya in 1941. The strengthening of Axis forces in Libya occurred between January and March 1941.