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    S. Tenente Farmacista Beghetto

    After university, my grandfather was sent to the Scuola di applicazione di Sanità militare di Firenze to complete his studies in military medicine as pharmacist in March 1939. He was 26 years old while here and he learned the ins and outs of military life. He was eventually sent to the Military...
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    132nd Sezione Sanità

    Hi Jeff; Thank-you for your reply. The ariete division, although based at Bir el Gobi and El Adem was send all over the western desert following Rommel's orders in attempts to free up the garrisons on the frontier. The second document in this link states that the Sezione Sanita had multiple...
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    132nd Sezione Sanità

    I am looking for any information on the 132nd Sezione Sanità. My grandfather was a pharmacist within the section and was captured near Gambut December 7th 1941 according to his Stato di Servizio. I have a few photos of his at the Caserma Vittorio Veneto, Florence in 1939 prior to being assigned...