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    Board games

    Any boardgames about the battle of the Mediterranean?
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    Get Paid to Write for Comando Supremo

    Hi, i write on my web site about military history and i wrote a book published by Amazon. If you want i can work with comando supremo. You can find my articles on
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    Must have books

    Write here the must have books about Italy in WW2
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    Motorized forces wasted in URSS

    According to the great work of Lucio Ceva, "Il comando supremo italiano", Mussolini decide to send in URSS the most of all vehichles (10.000 according to Ceva). With the struggle in north Africa and the italian divisions without vehichles, forced to march in the desert, why this stupid...
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    Battle of Mentone photos

    Where i can find photos about the battle for Mentone? On the web i find only a te e photos about it.
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    New section or sub-section

    What about the italian security forces? (Polizia di stato, P.A.I. and Carabinieri)
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    Battle of Gela and H.Goering Division

    The problem is about many books who talk about the battle of Gela. Most of all, didnt talk about the bad reaction of the Goering.
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    Happy new year

    Happy new year to all! Hope to have a every good year with the new comando supremo forum! BUON ANNO!
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    Per chi è interessato, gestisco un blog che tratta di storia militare, spesso tratto anche questioni riguardanti l'Italia ovviamente. STORICISSIMO
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    Battle of Gela and H.Goering Division

    On the official report of the General Guzzoni chief of the italian 6th Army, the italian general wrote:"The german division H.Goering had a bad impact on the offensive on Gela, they didn't had a real contact with the enemy for all day long and that cause the failure of the offensive on Gela"...
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    Merry Christmas!

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    New section or sub-section

    Yes maybe a sub-section in the R.E. section
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    New section or sub-section

    I think would be good to have a dedicate section or sub-section for the security forces of italy like P.A.I. (Polizia dell'Africa Italiana), Carabinieri, Polizia di Stato ecc.
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    77th anniversary of the raid on Alexandria

    The Raid on Alexandria was carried out on 19 December 1941 by Italian Navy divers of the Decima Flottiglia MAS, who attacked and disabled two Royal Navy battleships in the harbour of Alexandria, Egypt, using manned torpedoes.