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    French flights in 11 June 1940

    What i have found in meantime: AB 4 with Loire Neuport 401 or 411, 1 aircraft recon Savona and the coast. AC 3 with fighters Bloch 151, 1 aircraft makes a visual recon of Imperia looking for MAS 3S6 in Corsica moves some PL15 floatplane(or more than 1) from Aspretto to nearby Isolella, return...
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    Bengasi Port

    Panuco tanker could not dock in Bengasi due to her draft. Page 310 Page 311 says Panuco goes to Tripoli and transfers to Ennio and Caucaso and these smaller tankers will unload in Bengasi...
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    French flights in 11 June 1940

    Hi, i have to get that book, unexpected expenses have been prevented it in last 3 years. i already have the OOB of Allies and Axis. Are you sure about that GB II/25? the floatplane Leo H-25 are Aeronavale not Armée de l'Air. Edit: i have found this in my notes: En juin 1940, dix-huit...
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    French flights in 11 June 1940

    I am looking for Armée de L'Air and Aeronavale flights - army cooperative and strategic recon, sea search, CAP by fighters etc - either from Southern France and North Africa in 11 June in relation to Italian declaration of war. I only have GB I/61 (sometimes called GR) with Martin 167F making...
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    Online book on MVSN
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    77/28 Skoda M05/08 in anti-tank role

    There is a map, that shows the defenses of Tripoli in 24 February 41, it lists 8 77/28 and 31 47/32 in contra-carri function for the GAF. same map also lists 1 gruppo 77/28 (2 bty) with artillery function for the GAF. If the map is correct, there is already in begin of 1941 77/28 assigned to AT.
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    90/53 AA in North Africa - ammunition types

    Maurizio said here or in old forum that the 90/53 were sent Africa exclusively for AT role.
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    Replacement for the CV.3

    Pavesi is too slow.
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    Replacement for the CV.3

    I wonder what was the designer behind all this Italian tanks. Blocky, with too many fixed machine guns in the hull. This at least seems a bit different with slanted armor.
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    Semovente 90/53

    Interesting. From first sight it seems it is too long behind the shield, but might just be other stuff.
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    Replacement for the CV.3

    Would not be lighter a small tricycle to tow a 47/32 with advantage of better concealment in combat.
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    Replacement for the CV.3

    Seems too heavy/useless for that. A simple mortar can just destroy the crew.
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    Replacement for the CV.3

    Suicide call...
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    Best Italian Aircraft in WWII

    Had to vote S.79 the others were not meaningful.