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    The failure of MAS?

    I am checking the MAS successes and seldom they have been efficient where it appear they should in Sicilian channel. - MAS 532 hits Sydney Star in Operation Substance July 41 - some eventual success in operation Pedestal. I know that Italians considered MAS a bad sea boat hence the reason...
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    Quaderno SISM 2019 online For my interest, to note in Vol I the 2 articles with close links air and naval of Fascist Italia and Communist Soviet Union before II WW made the biggest political deception of last 100 years.
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    CV 33/35 combats in NA?

    Thanks MelaraClubPrez, i am remembering that was also some combat with British special forces when they were deployed in rear for security proposes. But it is still thin for more than 300-400 that were in Africa.
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    CV 33/35 combats in NA?

    I have not read any specifics about any combat by the CV 33/3's including those that were upgraded with a solothurn 20mm, does any one have? Did they ever fought the Rolls Royce and other fast British armored vehicles?
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    Photo of RA aircraft with drop tanks in war?

    Thanks 1089maul Yeah that C.202 might be post 1943. What is the book?
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    Photo of RA aircraft with drop tanks in war?

    Anyone saw any photo? i have never seen one.
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    Battle of Taranto

    What it was was not significant from what i have read.
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    Italian ships

    Yeah, i was into modeling in my teenage years and finding Italian aircraft was almost impossible unless you visited Italy. Never got into ships, too small. In Portugal i have got the S.79 from Airfix and a G.55 i don't remember from what company. Then i visited Rome and got a Cant 506 from...
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    Thanks MCP. I can upload stuff i have found, i'll make a list first.
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    Do you know where it was placed? I have a bunch of files about Italian radar.
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    French flights in 11 June 1940

    Thanks Saetta. I have found that the H.257 from GBII/25 were given 19 June to E7 that lost many Loire 70 in Italian air bombing of Karouba 12 June.
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    Albanian ports cargo movement 1940-41?

    You are listing 2 bty 120 of 4 pieces at Durazzo. Note also total is 9 not 8 so maybe an extra piece in depot?
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    RAF Bomber Command air bombing of Italy 1940-42?

    Thanks. Do you know where i can get more detail? i already found bombing in August, 2 in November 1940
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    Albanian ports cargo movement 1940-41?

    I have 3 bty from here Comando Militare Marittimo "Albania" (Durazzo) Comando Marina "San Giovanni di Medua" Comando Marina "Durazzo" 3 batterie controaeree da 76/40 4 mitragliatrici da 13,2 2...