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    Tactical use of troops on AS-42 organization

    Jeff, thank you for the details on tactics and training of Italian troops in Africa. I had no idea Comando Superiore A.S. had much input in troop training. Indeed. Even official Italian story of the army doctrines goes into almost no detail on "binaria" and zero on "AS-42" and other local...
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    Tactical use of troops on AS-42 organization

    Guys - thank you for the information. Jeff, I'm sure that on the platoon, squad/gun level there was no new to learn. But on the company level the battle had to be entirely different from standard, prescribed in the previous manuals. Battalion battle will be different (thought to a lesser...
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    Tactical use of troops on AS-42 organization

    Italian infantry in North Africa had peculiar AS-42 modular organization with each infantry company having only one rifle platoon, the rest of the platoons being HMG, Anti-tank rifles, Anti-tank guns. Compare it with previous Italian (and not only) infantry company having three rifle platoons...
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    ANNUARIO UFFICIALE REGNO D'ITALIA 1938-XVI - Italian Army unit lineages

    Indeed. And in general "colonial" part of this book looks like it was written before AOI military establishment was promulgated: Eritrean and Somalian coloniali are shown as separate entities.
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    ANNUARIO UFFICIALE REGNO D'ITALIA 1938-XVI - Italian Army unit lineages

    Maybe this handbook will be useful to somebody on this forum. Link to read it: https://issuu.com/rivista.militare1/docs/annuario_ufficiale_delle_forze_armate_1938-lav
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    That's a miracle indeed. Glad you've got them after all.
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    Indeed. Book doesn't open. But other links work OK. Thank you, guys!
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    Organizational/Authorization (TO&E-type) documents for the countries in 2GM

    Jeff - I thank you for the great idea. Here is what I can help. Germany: Kriegsstärkenachweisung (KStN) - tables of war organization. Kriegsausrüstungsnachweisung (KAN) - tables of war equipment. KStN example can be found here...
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    Evolution of the Infantry Regiment of the Regio Esercito in World War I

    From "Le Marche e la Prima Guerra Mondiale". Company (compagnia) 1915: Comandante, Plotone misto (HQ), 1-3 plotone. 5 officers, 250 other ranks. 4 animals. Company 1918: Comandante, Plotone comando, 1-3 plotone, Sezione pistole mitragliatrici (= 2 Fiat 1915). 4 officers, 169 other ranks...
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    Military or history bookshops in Florence or Bologna?

    Anybody knows military or history bookshops in Florence or Bologna?
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    1937 German handbook on Italian army

    Of, course. But that's what I wanted to find - details on pre-1938 organization.
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    Organization of the infantry

    According to the manual it was 3 squads of 13 men each. Plus platoon commander and his orderly. Total 41 men.
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    1937 German handbook on Italian army

    Found it here: http://wwii.germandocsinrussia.org/ru/nodes/1028#page/1/mode/grid/zoom/1 Some good details on contemporary organization. Unfortunately, it is incomplete.
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    History of the Italian squadra fanteria (Infantry squad)

    Thank you for clarifying this issue. I wonder, if those books were also official sources of the doctrine and not merely a handbooks to clarify it to the troops?
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    MVSN military organizations (all levels)

    MVSN short story (in Italian): http://www.regioesercito.it/milizia/mvsnstoria.htm Basic MVSN military organization was the infantry battalion. AFAIK, it was never similar to the Army infantry battalion - it was always smaller and lightly armed. ***************************************** 1929...