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    Italian jump boots, where i can find them and how they look like?

    The link to the Mediterraneo FB page is in post 2 of this thread. it is the best way to contact Neil. This is Andrea Raccon FB page.
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    Italian jump boots, where i can find them and how they look like?

    Not sure what you mean by profile?
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    Italian jump boots, where i can find them and how they look like?

    The Mediterraneo members (Neil) made their own Folgore webbing. I believe someone on Ebay makes the gear now as well. Neil made our Monte Cervino ski belts.
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    Italian jump boots, where i can find them and how they look like?

    Here is a picture of his M41 calzature paracadutisti. The soles are the wrong style (but correctly rubber) because he can't get the correct CRODA soles. Not made anymore.
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    Italian jump boots, where i can find them and how they look like?

    The Italian paratrooper boots were tall, lace-up black books. They has the same shape toe cap as the infantry boots. Paolo Marzetti has an excellent Italian para thread on WHF Italian WWII para uniforms Mediterraneo is a UK based reenactment group. They do a very good paracadutisti italiani...
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    Italy 43-45 AFVs and MVs of Co-Belligerent units

    CS Member MelaraClubPrez saw this book and mentioned it in the Co-Belligerent topic. I am listing it here so it is easier to find. It is a bilingual book on the armor and soft skinned vehicles used by the Co-Belligerent Forces. More information HERE (in Italian)...
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    Operation Tombola

    Grazie for the alert! It is available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Italia-cobelligeranti-esercito-43-45-AFVs-co-belligerent/dp/8862615493
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    Italian tropical officer's ranks

    Officially no. I have a memory that I have seen rank on sahariana cuffs. I need to check some pictures.
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    Alpini Battalion Modern Table Organization & Equipment

    I hope someone can answer your question. I don't have that information.
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    Italian tropical officer's ranks

    Both depending on the uniform. The uniformi ordinaria (the four pocket tunic like the M40) had the rank on the cuffs and the shoulder boards had the branch of service. The saharania had the rank and branch of service on the shoulder boards. Pista! Jeff
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    East African 1940-194 by Marek Sobski

    I have finished reading Marek Sobski’s East Africa 1940-1941. This review has been a challenge to write for several reasons. I am offering these thoughts to Mr. Sobski in the hope that they are considered to improve the series as the future volumes are written. First, I want to really like...
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    World best medium tank, pre WW2

    My Bad, I missed it...:( RE: edit poll. I did a quick check. I can change what is there, but can't add new options. I will ned to test a little to make sure that is correct.
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    World best medium tank, pre WW2

    I am wondering why the Somua S35 isn't an option? Built in 1936, 47mm gun, and 19 tons.
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    Bersagliieri Autoportato Battaglione

    David No. The 10º regg. bers. was all btg. autoportati. It is the only 1940 reggimento bersaglieri that was. It didn't arrive until December. It was rush to the front as the UK were exploiting Compass. Pista! Jeff
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    Lictorian Fasces over England - book review

    Maps are an issue in most new history books. They are an additional publishing cost (especially if color is used) and most authors lack the skills needed to build them themselves. As separate or foldout maps are a thing of the past (costly), it is a challenge to create a map in a (lets be...