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    Italian Tank Bns in Libya and Egypt - Operation Compass

    I am pretty sure that I have seen both L battalions in OOB, however after "COMPASS". But using my chance I would have another question. Does anyone know wherebouts of Col. Trivioli (COM for II Rgrp). I know that Col. Aresca was COM of 4 Reggimento Carri, who was Col Trivioli? Thank you in...
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    Best Italian Aircraft in WWII

    I would say that results are pretty... surprising ;) Regards
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    Nizza Cavalleria

    Not sure about VI, but Pignato & Cappellano confirm only III, IV and V Gruppo equipped with AB Regards
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!
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    Artillery regiment in Infantry/Mountain Divisions

    Not only there... I have seen artillery regiment of infantry division composed of: one gruppo 100/17, one - 75/27 and one 75/13 in Documento 1/c in F.Botti's La Logistica dell'Esercito Italiano. vol. IV, tomo I p. 385. But I see it as proposed organization, because at the same time it shows...
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    47/32 AT gun in Africa, June 1940 ?

    The number of the guns for Tripolitania is given for 1 June. I would like to draw your attention to one more isue. On p. 20, (Le operazioni...) Montanari writes that there were only 60% of 47/32 required for AT coys in divisions (if I understand it corectly). Regards Slawek
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    XXXVI Libica Battaglione

    If I may return to that one ;) It was stated that XXXVI battalion never existed, but was wondering... why then it is in OOB for 1 APR 1941 (La prima controffensiva...) Best regards Slavomir
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    10th reggimento bersaglieri

    To collaborate that La Prima offensiva... names the battalions of the 10th as: XVI, XXXIV and XXXV. Graziani in his orders from 9 JAN calls 10th as: 10 reggimento bersaglieri motorizzato. Also in the text sometimes 10th is called reggimento bersaglieri autotrasportato. Would is be an indication...
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    Welcome and Introduction

    Greetings from Poland! Great to see this excellent site once again back online :) All the best Slavomir