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    Tactical use of troops on AS-42 organization

    Italian infantry in North Africa had peculiar AS-42 modular organization with each infantry company having only one rifle platoon, the rest of the platoons being HMG, Anti-tank rifles, Anti-tank guns. Compare it with previous Italian (and not only) infantry company having three rifle platoons...
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    ANNUARIO UFFICIALE REGNO D'ITALIA 1938-XVI - Italian Army unit lineages

    Maybe this handbook will be useful to somebody on this forum. Link to read it: https://issuu.com/rivista.militare1/docs/annuario_ufficiale_delle_forze_armate_1938-lav
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    Military or history bookshops in Florence or Bologna?

    Anybody knows military or history bookshops in Florence or Bologna?
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    1937 German handbook on Italian army

    Found it here: http://wwii.germandocsinrussia.org/ru/nodes/1028#page/1/mode/grid/zoom/1 Some good details on contemporary organization. Unfortunately, it is incomplete.
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    MVSN military organizations (all levels)

    MVSN short story (in Italian): http://www.regioesercito.it/milizia/mvsnstoria.htm Basic MVSN military organization was the infantry battalion. AFAIK, it was never similar to the Army infantry battalion - it was always smaller and lightly armed. ***************************************** 1929...