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    Bragadin's Italian Navy at War

    I have located a free copy of Bragadin's well known book on the internet. You can find it here: https://archive.org/details/italiannavyinwor00brag/page
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    The Failed Defense of Bardia, January 3, 1941

    Thank you. On the Montanari map, are the blue circles battalions?
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    The Failed Defense of Bardia, January 3, 1941

    I show two blackshirt divisions north to south with two metro to the east (I consider the switch line to be on the east side of Bardia.). The Australians 6th division main attack fell on the southwest side, their navy bombarded the north, while 17th brigade occupied the Italians on the east...
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    21st Corps Artillery 1940

    I'm curious what artillery this corps had. An October 1, 1940 Italian report lists 66% of its munitions as defective. No doubt, it had 1914 ammunition but I'm wondering if it was using Austro-Hungarian guns or what?
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    The Failed Defense of Bardia, January 3, 1941

    I found this by Craig Stockings on line: https://www.jstor.org/stable/26069845#metadata_info_tab_contents
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    Why Graziani choose to motorise a Lybian division instead of AS one?

    As a late addition, according to The impact of terrain on British operations and doctrine in North Africa 1940-1943. Dando, Neal, 2014, page 49 the British began Operation Compass by driving up the southern escarpment well to the east where "‘The upper plateau…was good going for vehicles…" They...
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    Airfield revetments

    Yours looks like 1943 and to be well made. Possibly Sicily. However, in photos of Catania, Sicily, I've only found one revetment. The oldest picture I've found is a single revetment of simple block construction, probably 1941-42. but it won't post. I have no North African airfields with...
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    Airfield revetments

    Aircraft revetments were earthen walls created to protect aircraft on three sides while parked on an airfield. I have found no mention of Italy using revetments and have never found a photo of a revetment on an Italian WW2 airfield (There are several photos of abandoned airfields during...
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    Dispersion Naval Guns

    I have been able identify some of this table's information: Line 1: % of salvo: Percentage of salvo utilized. Line 2: culpi sol bers.: % of hits on the target (9.0). The target was probably the San Marco. The target was not moving. It's likely 9.0 was transposed with 2.6 in the next column...
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    Dispersion Naval Guns

    I'm thinking that's where the other 50% of the shells fall in longitude. But keep me posted. You obviously have better luck than me.
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    Dispersion Naval Guns

    Thanks for the info on the book.
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    Dispersion Naval Guns

    Yes it gives the longitude. But it doesn't say (I don't read Italian) how far off to either side of the longitudinal line 50% of the shots fall. I called it "vertical" dispersion but should have said horizontal. I'll edit my reply.
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    Dispersion Naval Guns

    Interesting. I don't see where they recorded the horizontal dispersion. Thank you, though.
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    Dispersion Naval Guns

    Does anyone have information on the dispersion of any Italian naval guns? It's usually given as either a % of range or as meters/yards at a specific distance.
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    5th reggimento bersaglieri

    Did 5th Bersaglieri engage in any important fighting in Greece?
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    Italian radio sets

    I found this website for Army, Air Force and Navy radios used in WW2. Sometimes the range is given. https://www.qsl.net/ik0moz/
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    Consideration to sending Centauro Division to North Africa

    I found this source: AUSSME, Diario storico, Ministero della Guerra, Gabinetto, N-2148, 2 and 6 June 1940 It states that the Centauro Division had been approved for transfer from Albania to North Africa but was aborted on this date due to "lack of time". Does anyone know organization and TOE...
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    Italian Submarine and Convoy Doctrine

    I still have limited torpedoes in 1940 with two single torpedo attacks in November 1940
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    Arrival of 10º regg. bers

    If you can get an accurate landing date of the 10th Bersaglieri in 1940 or any trucks landed in 1940, I'd be appreciative.