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    Italian softskin cross country performance

    Hi does any one know of any books/websites that list the cross country or off road speeds and range of Italian soft skinned vehicles of WWII. Specifically those used in A.S.? Kind regards, David.
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    Supplies at 10th June 1940

    Does anyone have any accurate or even approximate tonnage for supplies available to the Italians on 10th June 1940? I am especially interested in... Tripoli. Benghazi. Tobruk. Bardia. Any other major location. Thanks, David.
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    Prime Mover

    The Italians made only limited use of the Skoda 75mm L/13 gun in North Africa. Does anyone know what vehicle(s) they used to tow it?
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    R M batterie Bardia 1940

    Do we know what RM manned coastal guns were emplaced in Bardia at the very end of 1940/ Early Jan 1941 during the attack by the Australian 6th Division? Kind regards, David.
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    Compagnie avio-sahariane

    I have tried using the search in case this has already been posted, but got no hits. What was the composition of the original five air-Saharan companies in mid 1940?
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    Artillery tractors

    What replaced the Fiat 708cm as an artillery tractor in N.A? And when? Thanks
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    Observation in the Western Desert

    For those units which possessed large calibre guns with long ranges, how many forward observers would there have been? How would they have been structured? How would they communicate with their guns? And how were they transported? Thanks in advance, David.
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    RECAM e Raggruppamento Celere Africa Settentrionale

    In their book "Italian armoured and reconnaissance cars 1911-45, Cappellano & Battistelli state " Early in 1942 the 12th Autoraggruppamento formed the Raggruppamento Celere Africa Settentrionale in Libya, consisting of two fast groups, each one with one armoured car squardron of 48x AB40-41s in...