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  1. jwsleser

    Fucile Breda 1935 PG e Fucile Areonautico Scotti

    As neither rifle was adopted, it is unlikely that the RE or the RM wrote/published any manuals. Company records will be the likely source for any details. The military archives would likely have documents on any solicitations and trials, but unknown whether they offer anything else. The...
  2. jwsleser

    Fucile Breda 1935 PG e Fucile Areonautico Scotti

    And the Scotti Model X
  3. jwsleser

    Fucile Breda 1935 PG e Fucile Areonautico Scotti

    E. Salvucci Are you looking for official documents/manuals, etc., or just any information? Forgotten Weapons has a episode on the Breda.
  4. jwsleser

    RECAM during Crusader

    There was a question on AHF about the movements/action of the RECAM during Crusader. Doing a quick check indicates that the movements are fairly well reported. The following is from Le operazione in Africa settentrionale vol II and Seconda offensiva britannica in Africa settentrionale e...
  5. jwsleser

    NARA Records

    Years ago I posted the NARA publication Collection of Italian Military Records, 1935-1943 here on CS (it is under Resources on the main Comando Supremo page). The booklet discussed the history of the records and listed the microfilm rolls. The list include a general topic (i.e. Comando Supremo...
  6. jwsleser


    Thanks Maurizio, a good recap of the unit. Kustosz2137 Where did you find the information from Mehtidis? I have looked at the copies I have of his army lists for September 1943 but didn't find the DLV or the Cdo 133º. Did he write a different document other than the September lists? Now the 8ª...
  7. jwsleser


    Yes, two different units. The history of the DLV gruppo semoventi da 75/18 is very unclear. I don't know if it was originally part of the «Littorio» and detached for the invasion of Malta, or whether was originally part of the 10º raggruppamento corazzato that was planned for Operazione «C3»...
  8. jwsleser

    Forum Issues

    As I don't use a Facebook log-in, I can't offer any thoughts/opinions. Pista! Jeff
  9. jwsleser

    A list of Italian Army, Red Cross and Knights of Malta hospital trains?

    Sid I am glad you are finding Comando Supremo useful. As for being a new member, the entire CS forum data based was lost between sales. I and others have used the Wayback Machine to try to recover as much as possible but much was lost. My hope is that the site is getting back to where it...
  10. jwsleser

    A list of Italian Army, Red Cross and Knights of Malta hospital trains?

    A theory I looked at La logistica militare dell'Esercito Italiano vol IV, tomo 1. Pages 208–216 discusses the servizio di sanità. In it it states that the CRI was prepared to man 22 trains, but only 6 were mobilized (pp.213, 216). That got me thinking. Trains are rather expensive things to...
  11. jwsleser

    A list of Italian Army, Red Cross and Knights of Malta hospital trains?

    Giving the third SMOM train some thought. Page 44 of I servizi logistici reaffirms that only two SMOM trains were in Russia. I am wondering whether the third train supported the wounded from Russia, but didn't operate in Russia. It is possible the train operated in one of the countries between...
  12. jwsleser

    A list of Italian Army, Red Cross and Knights of Malta hospital trains?

    Good day Sid It appears that Dr.G beat me to the punch. I was already reviewing Mario Pietrangeli's work when Dr.G posted his reply. A key statement is found on page 63. "A parte i vari treni usati sul territorio nazionale per lo sgombero dai porti dei feriti provenienti dal fronte occidentale...
  13. jwsleser

    How to obtain Italian personnel records

    Here is a website with several posts on how to obtain Italian military records. Check the links at the bottom of the linked page. FINDING FOGLIO MATRICOLARE – ITALIAN MILITARY RECORDS Pista! Jeff
  14. jwsleser

    Video on the events of 8-10 September

    This video has some good views of the aerial signal panels and the bandera di colore in use. Those scenes are brief, but one of the few times I have seen them in the films.
  15. jwsleser

    Photo of a relative

    Bodey As a B&W photo, it is always difficult to determine colors. Are you sure that he was medical? The mostrine (collars tabs) look more like artiglieria. Sanità mostrine doesn't have the yellow border. Rank appears to be either caporale maggiore (red stripes) or sergente maggiore (yellow...
  16. jwsleser


    I found this master's thesis while checking some other sites. I have not yet read the paper. https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA613508.pdf Pista! Jeff
  17. jwsleser

    Tactical use of troops on AS-42 organization

    Yes Storia della Dottrina e degli Ordinamenti, vol. II, part 2 is basically the history of the R.E. 1940-1943. No real analysis of how well the doctrine and organizations worked during the war. Disappointing. Pista! Jeff
  18. jwsleser

    Tactical use of troops on AS-42 organization

    Eugen I can't demonstrate that such manuals were never written. All I can say is I have searched for this type of information and came up empty handed. :( Comando Superiore A.S. ran its own training program for new units/personal arriving in A.S. This wasn't merely acclimatization or special...
  19. jwsleser

    Unknown patches

    Fixed...... ;)