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  1. jwsleser

    RECAM during Crusader

    There was a question on AHF about the movements/action of the RECAM during Crusader. Doing a quick check indicates that the movements are fairly well reported. The following is from Le operazione in Africa settentrionale vol II and Seconda offensiva britannica in Africa settentrionale e...
  2. jwsleser

    NARA Records

    Years ago I posted the NARA publication Collection of Italian Military Records, 1935-1943 here on CS (it is under Resources on the main Comando Supremo page). The booklet discussed the history of the records and listed the microfilm rolls. The list include a general topic (i.e. Comando Supremo...
  3. jwsleser

    Video on the events of 8-10 September

    This video has some good views of the aerial signal panels and the bandera di colore in use. Those scenes are brief, but one of the few times I have seen them in the films.
  4. jwsleser


    I found this master's thesis while checking some other sites. I have not yet read the paper. https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA613508.pdf Pista! Jeff
  5. jwsleser

    Forum Issues

    I am aware that some members (especially those in Europe) continue to experience issues with logging into the forum. I have passed the issues to the tech team, but will offer my experiences in getting around the problem. These techniques have worked for me. 1) If you try to log-in and get the...
  6. jwsleser

    Looking for TO&E data

    I am looking for any/all TO&E document on the R.E. I have found some gaps in the material I have and looking to fill those gaps. Seeking mainly support units, but will take anything. Cite of the source of the material is gratefully welcome but not necessary. Not looking for OB data, just TO&E...
  7. jwsleser

    Can anyone id this uniform

    A reader sent me a picture of his nonno in a uniform which is different from what I have previously seen. The gentlemen is Greek and lived in the Dodecanese. He possibly worked as an interpreter for the Italian military. While there are some Italian influences, the fregio and the belt buckle...
  8. jwsleser

    Deletion of posts

    I deleted two posts by Bry and one post by me in the thread Infantrymen of the Air. The reason they were deleted was that the discussion that Bry wanted to generate didn't belong in that thread. If Bry wishes to discuss issues raised by the article on prewar Italian involvement in Palestine...
  9. jwsleser

    90º PG Div on Sardinia

    I am seeking the locations of the major subordinate units (the three PG rgts and Pz bn) on Sardinia right before or on 8 September 1943. I only need general locations. None of my Italians sources provided this information and my Google fu has failed me. Grazie! for any assistance.
  10. jwsleser


    Got a surprise when I picked up the mail today: two DVDs of Italian records from the T821 series. It was a surprise as I had ordered them in May 2020. Shortly after I placed my order, NARA shut down due to COVID. I received an email in early 2021 asking if I still wanted the files. I said yes...
  11. jwsleser

    184º reparto corazzato

    I have been searching for detailed information on this unit. I thought I had a source, but I now find it doesn't answer my questions. This was the armor unit assigned to the «Nembo». Gli autoveicoli da combattimento vol.2 has a platoon organization, but doesn't specify the type of vehicle...
  12. jwsleser

    Malta miniatures game

    Bruce has posted here previously on CS. He has been developing a miniatures game on Malta. What can I say, wow! Who would not wish to fight «C3» on this...... The paracadutisti arrive..... The final objective... This is a beautiful wargame. I hope Bruce will add more. He will be...
  13. jwsleser

    Invasion: Malta

    I recently learned about a new war-game being developed by Legion Wargames. Titled Invasion: Malta, it covers the planned Operazione «C3» in 1942 and will offer both a 1940 and 1941 variant. The 1941 variant is a 'Malta instead of Crete' scenario. Also included is Leros 1943 as a separate game...
  14. jwsleser

    Looking for a history of the «La Spezia»

    The title says it all. Googled my heart out. Looking for a source with details such as: Which two battalions and artillery gruppi were involved in Operation Capri? What was the organization of the XXXIX btg. esplorante? Did it remain one cp. motociclisti and two cp. ciclisti or was it changed...
  15. jwsleser

    FJ in Italy for «C3»

    I have been struggling to identify the FJ units that were training in Italy for «C3» in April-June 42. All the sources I have access to state the FJ units were everywhere else except Italy. The Lexicon der Wehrmacht doesn't list any FJ units in Italy at this time. I suspect that the units were...
  16. jwsleser

    Battle of the Alps 1940 (Mussolini's War series)

    I have finished reading Sobski’s Battle of the Alps 1940. This is challenging campaign to write about because nothing truly big happened. It is story of individual small actions that never come together into an operational success. The actual fighting was four days with poor weather making the...
  17. jwsleser

    Italian Army OB June 10 1940 against France

    The following OB is from Le operazioni del giugno 1940 sulle Alpi Occidentali, (1981) Appendice A (pp.53–63). ORDINE DI BATTAGLIA AL 10 GIUGNO 1940 DEL GRUPPO ARMATE OVEST Comandante: generale Umberto di Savoia Capo di S.M.: generale Emilio Battisti LXI gruppo aviazione R.E. 1ª Armata...
  18. jwsleser

    Diario Storico volumes for free (sort of)

    In picking up my missing volumes of this set, I forgot to tell the book store I usually order from to cancel my order. When the Ufficio Storico pulled the copies I had requested, it appears they decide to fill all the existing orders including the one for me. The book store has informed me that...
  19. jwsleser

    Buona Pasqua!

    Whenever you celebrate Easter!