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  1. FrancoFB

    What happened?

    As title, what happened?
  2. FrancoFB

    World best medium tank, pre WW2

    Time: tanks with the units in the 1937/8 Medium: with a 37mm o larger gun, and one or more MG, max 20 tonnes Tanks: full armoured, tracked, with 360° turret obviously only variant available in the timeline other possible response Pz IV T-26 BT-7 BT-5 Vickers Medium mk II LT vz.34 Type 89...
  3. FrancoFB

    "New" books ordered

    Today i've ordered 2nd hand copy of "In Africa settentionale: la preparazione del conflitto" and "L'esercito italiano tra la 1a e la 2a guerra mondiale" i hope they are useful and in relative good condition, readable in all the pages
  4. FrancoFB

    Heavy Weapons in the Italian Battallions 10th June 1940

    from the old forum, weapons as ToE not actual, i post as it was in the old, corrections will add later. this was posted Sunday 28th December, 2003 7:59 am, last edited Sunday 15th June, 2008 5:04 am Are you agree with my informations on italians battalions at 10/6/40? Rifle btl: 3 rifle coy...
  5. FrancoFB

    June 1940, north Africa division paper ToE and actual ToE

    In the June of '40, the italian army had three type of division in the north Africa the most common type was the "Divisione autotrasportabile tipo A.S.", there were nine (Sabratha, Sirte, Marmarica, Cirene, Pavia, Bologna, Brescia, Savona, Catanzaro) on the paper they organization was Division...
  6. FrancoFB

    Italian forces in ASI the 10th june '40

    We had a relatively clear situation for the June 1st, for the strength if not for the organization thanks to the famous Allegato 4 (Attachment 4), it's available in this section of the forum on the mg thread. The Allegato 4 give a situation before of mobilization i try to assign the divisions to...
  7. FrancoFB

    Need change name to section

    it's a wrong translation social republic is not the same of socialist republic in italian of sure i think this is true also in english