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  1. Andreas

    Arming of Italian Merchants in WW 2

    Some of the merchants also carried German guns, when it became necessary to increase anti-air firepower. https://rommelsriposte.com/2012/06/28/german-aa-armament-of-axis-merchant-vessels-26-nov-1941/ All the best Andreas
  2. Andreas

    Did Gambara sabotaged Rommel?

    I have the book by Trizzoni, I think the guy is barking. The Germans didn't care about Trieste, they needed Ariete to move to Bir Bu Cremeisa. Ariete received the order on 4 December clearly specifying to get going that evening and to complete the move during the night, and then spent all of 5...
  3. Andreas

    Archivio dell'Esercito Italiano

    Sorry it didn't work out Jeff. Hopefully next time! All the best Andreas
  4. Andreas

    Book recommendations for analysing and evaluating the Italian military during WW2

    It might help if you told us what you consider a definitive work covering a statistical approach to analysing [US/British/Japanese/Russian/German] tables of organisation and equipment for its various formations, the state of their logistics, their training and equipment use, combat performance...
  5. Andreas

    Tobruk Defences

    My understanding is that the posts were of a standard design, and that they were constructed in the late 30s, when the strategic orientation of Italy changed towards considering the UK as a potential adversary. That's all I know about it. All the best Andreas
  6. Andreas

    Introduction and Objectives

    For 2 February, the war diary of Comando Supremo notes that convoy Urano (2 merchants going Messina - Taranto) was attacked by torpedo aircraft off Cape Colonna late in the evening of the day. Urano was hit and set aground off Punta dell'Alice north of Crotone. No news on any enemy aircraft...
  7. Andreas

    Tobruk Defences

    There is an overview map in this entry on my blog: http://rommelsriposte.com/2020/04/30/first-attempts-on-tobruk-april-1941/ There is detail on the fortifications in this entry: http://rommelsriposte.com/2015/06/07/tobruk-fortifications/ You can see some contemporary photos here...
  8. Andreas

    Map of Gazala area

    Thanks for making me look again. I hadn't realised that the collection is far more extensive than the set linked by David. These seem to be the best ones: https://maps.lib.utexas.edu/maps/ams/cyrenaica/ as they are 1:100,000 and use the British Army grid for Libya, as far as I can tell. All...
  9. Andreas

    Map of Gazala area

    I think it's not just the scale, I find these maps less useful than the war time 1:500,000 and 1:250,000 also because they seem less detailed, not just because they have different naming and grids. For Oasis the key issue is of course that the Italian/German maps are much less available. All...
  10. Andreas

    Map of Gazala area

    Email me Toni. All the best Andreas
  11. Andreas

    Italian Submarine and Convoy Doctrine

    As an aside, no idea what your correspondent meant by this, but I could access sub logs in Kew in 2010. All the best Andreas
  12. Andreas

    Translation of spezzoniere per aeroplani

    I understand it was removable, and you could also combine the Spezzioniera with larger bombs (not sure about that). Yes, it is different and more cumbersome, with similar results of dropping numerous small munitions over an area to essentially deny it to unprotected movement. These were the...
  13. Andreas

    Translation of spezzoniere per aeroplani

    Early form of cluster munitions, equally ugly. The Germans had them as well, I suppose so did everybody else. All the best Andreas
  14. Andreas

    Bicycles in North Africa

    Have you ever tried cycling through sand? They would only have been of use in very limited parts of the country. All the best Andreas
  15. Andreas

    88mm batteria in A.S. 1940-1942

    I have never seen a picture of a truck-mounted 88mm. The only German mounts I can recall were FAMO half-tracks, the heavy-duty version. Are we sure this was the case? All the best Andreas
  16. Andreas

    The Failed Defense of Bardia, January 3, 1941

    1941? All the best Andreas
  17. Andreas

    Greek naval operations in the Adriatic

    Con la Pelle Appesa a un Chiodo to the rescue: http://conlapelleappesaaunchiodo.blogspot.com/2018/10/altair.html Nereus did sink Fiume in October 1942. All the best Andreas
  18. Andreas

    Greek naval operations in the Adriatic

    Con la pelle appesa a un Chiodo is my go-to source for detail. Here's the entry for Quinto: http://conlapelleappesaaunchiodo.blogspot.com/2021/01/quinto.html All the best Andreas
  19. Andreas

    Greek naval operations in the Adriatic

    The Greeks had figured out a thing or two about one of the key weaknesses in Italian ship design. All the best Andreas
  20. Andreas

    Greek naval operations in the Adriatic

    Four of these vessels were Freccia class, built in Italy in the early 30s. Hydra, Spetsai, Psara and Kountouriotis (class). All the best Andreas