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  1. Saetta

    Infantrymen of the Air

    Hi Jeff, Amazon appears to have pushed the release date back to July 11th, is Helion still expected to release in early June?
  2. Saetta

    OCHS - Operation Husky 1943

    The Monte Cervino reenactment group attended Ozaukee County Historical Societies 2023 WW2 Day's in which the theme was the fall of Sicily 1943. We were kitted in our Bersaglieri impressions and had some lovely weather with decent public attendance as well. Was great catching up with friends and...
  3. Saetta

    Infantrymen of the Air

    Great news, Jeff! I noticed it's available for pre-order on Amazon as well and ordered through there. Looking forward to receiving it!
  4. Saetta

    Fiat CR42 being restored.

    If they are indeed making it airworthy the plane would require a complete Overhaul with every part certified to EASA specifications, so the dismantling is expected. Curious how they overhaul these things though because there aren't really OEM's any more that can manufacture parts for a CR.42. I...
  5. Saetta

    Fiat CR42 being restored.

    excellent news, thank you for sharing Bob!
  6. Saetta

    Death of the Julia Division Memoirs of an Officer - Book Review.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book as well. He seemed to do a pretty good job of providing elevations of both the Italian forces as well as the enemy opposite them, but it was a little difficult to understand the exact locations some of the events took place. I thought the instances of Fattuzo's...
  7. Saetta

    WWI Isonzo video game [2021 release]

    Updated release is Summer 2022. Developers have provided an update on the Gorizia map and I can really appreciate the time they're taking to re-create the city and the major places of contention during the 6th Isonzo offensive...
  8. Saetta

    Could the Regia Marina had an impact in deciding the Naval Battle of Casablanca?

    Hello all, I had just read an article regarding the naval battle of Casablanca between Vichy French ships and The US fleet supporting the landing forces. It appears to have been a rather large engagement with some serious losses on both sides, and I am curious why the Regia Marina were not...
  9. Saetta

    Regia Marina: The under-appreciated Navy / Interview with Vincent O'Hara

    all valid points, and I do agree. I wonder if he somewhat pulled his punches as it were, given the audience with that specific channel. But with the arguments he was trying to drive home, I too would have liked to have seen him expand more with specific examples. Interesting you bring up the...
  10. Saetta

    Regia Marina: The under-appreciated Navy / Interview with Vincent O'Hara

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum. As this is a youtube interview, I figured it would fit as a media resource. This video is an in-depth interview with the excellent historian of Naval studies, Vincent P. O'Hara, author of several well known collections including such titles as: Struggle for...
  11. Saetta

    Mussolini's War series

    Hi Marek, I also have a copy and am in the process of reading it, quite enjoying the book! Personally I really enjoyed the discussion of Italy's relationship with the Soviet Union in the pre-war/opening phases, that's a unique topic that isn't often discussed outside of the Spanish Civil War...
  12. Saetta

    WWI Isonzo video game [2021 release]

    Aside from the arcadey games like Battlefield 1 and Cry of War, I haven't come across a really good WW1 tank simulator yet. i think there's also several WW1 mods for the Arma series that I've heard good things about. There has been speculation that it might come to IL2 Sturmovik: Flying...
  13. Saetta

    WWI Isonzo video game [2021 release]

    Looks pretty good! I really liked their Verdun game, I have high expectations for this one
  14. Saetta

    Italian Trailers

    someone just posted this in the Italian Militaria Collectors facebook page and it's apparently for sale. No idea of its use or authenticity, but pretty interesting none-the-less
  15. Saetta

    Dog Drafting/Sled use by Sciatori battaglioni

    Hello, I came across an interesting video of what appears to be training Alpini of a sciatori battaglione, and they do appear to be well equipped with cavalry carbines, winter Giubba, and Vibram sole ski boots. The title page suggests this is the Monte Cervino, although dated a bit early for...
  16. Saetta


    Nevermind, seems to be working!
  17. Saetta

    Supermarina's Cryptographic Service

    Hello all, I've recently been reading The Italian Navy in World War II by Commander (R) Marc' Antonio Bragadin (United States Naval Institute Publication) and came across a very intriguing passage in which I would like some additional info regarding it (if available). According to Bragadin...
  18. Saetta

    Holiday pictures from the Front

    This picture is from the Inter-war years, but was taken December 24th, 1927. Crewmembers of the sommergibile F-14 pose on the conning tower next to an inscription which reads "Buon Natale." Tragically, she was lost with all hands on August 6th, 1928 due to an accidental ramming during a training...
  19. Saetta

    Mimetico C8 use in A.S.

    Hi Jeff, Sure, that's a great idea! I just started a new thread. It will be quite an exhaustive list but I think it will be very beneficial information https://comandosupremo.com/forums/index.php?threads/regia-aeronautica-camouflage-patterns.814/
  20. Saetta

    Regia Aeronautica Camouflage Patterns

    Hello, Below is a list of the various camouflage patterns used by aircraft of the Regia Aeronautica. The sources used involve several secondary sources and modeller references (which painstakingly dissect the main colors and patterns used), however mostly I will refer to Chris Dunning's Courage...