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  1. gpoggia_ITW

    The incredible journey of the "Eritrea"

    In 1941 a small Italian warship left the port of Massaua, dodged allied surveillance in the Indian ocean and managed to reach Japan. It also came back. Have a look on my article on medium! https://medium.com/@g.poggia90/the-incredible-journey-of-the-eritrea-7594f3ed756b
  2. gpoggia_ITW

    The Carrier that never was

    Let me know if I can help in any way
  3. gpoggia_ITW

    The Carrier that never was

    Thanks for noting the typing error. The G.50 were considered to equip the Aquila and some aircrafts were modified to mount the tailhook. However nothing definitive was decided since the overall programme was costantly on shaky grounds and years away from its completion
  4. gpoggia_ITW

    The Carrier that never was

    Hi everybody, I just published a piece on the italian aircraft carrier development programme, check it out here and let me know what you think: https://medium.com/@g.poggia90/the-carrier-that-never-was-1761b573311
  5. gpoggia_ITW

    The doomed invasion: Greece 1940

    Hi everybody, I have recently posted on Medium an article about the political reasons and blunders behind the invasion of Greece in 1940, let me know what do you guys think. It's not easy to find discussion places in english about Italy in ww2, this is finally a great one. Here's the link to...