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  1. Gian

    Wolseley to Italian pith helmet tutorial

    I have looked at pics of the two types for some time and I noticed the following elements that can be used as tips for a conversion: the dome of a Wolseley is covered in cloth; whereas an Italian pith helmet's dome is not (and is painted tan). A Wolseley has a lighter shade of khaki while an...
  2. Gian

    Gianni Agnelli in WWII?

    I heard that he served in Savoia Cavalleria on the Russian Front and in the Lodi Cavalry Rgt. in Tunisia. While deployed on the Eastern front, he was pulled out as soon as the situation became way too hot. He might seem one "with the right connections", but actually he did see some actual combat...
  3. Gian

    Wolseley to Italian pith helmet tutorial

    Ciao Jim, I hope someone can provide scans of the old article or rewrite it.
  4. Gian

    Wolseley to Italian pith helmet tutorial

    Some years ago, someone had posted a tutorial to convert a repro Wolseley helmet into a proper Italian pith helmet. It has now disappeared. Is it possible to post it again for the benefit of re-enactors? Thanks.