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  1. Darren Marshall

    Infantrymen of the Air

    Can't wait to read your book!
  2. Darren Marshall

    Can anyone id this uniform

    Looking at the fregio it appears to be an agent of the "corpo degli agenti di pubblica sicurezza" (Police).
  3. Darren Marshall

    Albania 1939 - Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

  4. Darren Marshall

    Italy at War, week by week (Project)

    Probably will be in Italian with English subtitles. Each episode arround 10/15 minutes with some extra videos on focused arguments. I need someone good with graphics and some help to structure the episodes.
  5. Darren Marshall

    Italy at War, week by week (Project)

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to create a channel on youtube where with weekly videos I will chronologically cover Italian participation in the Second World War starting from the week of June 10, 1940. Anyone interested in helping out is welcome!
  6. Darren Marshall

    Did any Italian Military Internees post-armistice see combat outside of Italy?

    Some italians fought along side the germans in France during the operation Overlord, the "1ª Divisione Atlantica Fucilieri di Marina" which between August and September 1944 distinguished themselves for the strenuous defense of the island of Cézembre, located in the center of the bay of Saint-Malo.
  7. Darren Marshall

    Archivio dell'Esercito Italiano

    Well mostly about the Sicily and the occupation of Albania. I Have a lot of material even from the Ufficio Storico Marina and Aeronautica.
  8. Darren Marshall

    Archivio dell'Esercito Italiano

    Happy for your experience. I have visited the historical office several times when I was living in Rome. What documents have you viewed?
  9. Darren Marshall

    Must have books

    In looking for the book of Angela Raspin from a long time, It's impossible to find!
  10. Darren Marshall


    I need some sources for a study about the DICAT and the air defense of italian cities, any help?
  11. Darren Marshall

    John Gooch's 'Mussolini's War'

    Have you found the paper version? I can only find the ebook!
  12. Darren Marshall

    Battle of Pantelleria (Operation Harpoon)

    That can be an important discovery! I will try to obtain some documents from the british archives.
  13. Darren Marshall

    Battle of Pantelleria (Operation Harpoon)

    Where did you find this informations about the Montecuccoli's hit?
  14. Darren Marshall

    Board games

    Any boardgames about the battle of the Mediterranean?
  15. Darren Marshall

    Get Paid to Write for Comando Supremo

    Hi, i write on my web site about military history and i wrote a book published by Amazon. If you want i can work with comando supremo. You can find my articles on www.storicissimo.com