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    1.a compagnia motomitraglieri

    Hello All, Can anyone tell me what the organisation of the 1.a compagnia motomitraglieri was please? Thanks, Alex
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    General Ottorino Schreiber

    Born: Parma, 11 Jun 1890 Died: Turin, 2 Nov 1978 Promotions: Cadet Regia Accademia Militare di Fanteria e Cavalleria di Modena (1909) sottotenente (19 Sept 1911) tenente captain maggiore (1918) tenente colonnello (1 Dec 1926) colonnello (31 Dec 1936) Generale di Brigata (1 Jan 1942) Generale...
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    6th Army Assets

    Thanks for the clarification Maurizio. Regards, Alex
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    6th Army Assets

    Was the 2.o battaglione del 10.o Reggimento Arditi committed to the fighting during the invasion? Regards, Alex
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    6th Army Assets

    Thank you for the explanation Maurizio. Alex
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    6th Army Assets

    Hi All, So I'm not sure what these are: nuotatori (Swimmers?) camionettisti Regards, Alex
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    18 Coastal Brigade

    18.a Brigata Costiera (2) Commander: General di Brigadier Orazio Mariscalco 178.o Reggimento costiero 501.o battaglione costiero 4.a Motorized Rifle Company - Captain Vincenzo Randazzo (2) 389.o battaglione costiero 134.o Reggimento costiero - Colonel Altini (2) 429.o battaglione costiero -...
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    213th Coastal Division

    213th Coastal Division Commander: 135th Coastal Infantry Regiment Commander: 369th Infantry Battalion 102nd Infantry Battalion 372nd Independent Coastal Infantry Battalion 55th Machine Gun Company 22nd Artillery Group 30th Artillery Group 2x Artillery Batteries (149mm/35) 1x Artillery...
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    206th Coastal Division

    206th Coastal Division Commander: 430th Infantry Battalion 437th Infantry Battalion 374th Infantry Battalion 122nd Coastal Infantry Regiment Commander: 243rd Infantry Battalion 375th Infantry Battalion 123rd Coastal Infantry Regiment Commander: 381st Infantry Battalion 383rd Infantry...
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    207th Coastal Division

    207th Coastal Division Commander: Generale di Brigade Ottorino Schreiber 138th Coastal Infantry Regiment 420th Infantry Battalion 388th Infantry Battalion 380th Infantry Battalion 109th Machine Gun Battalion 139th Coastal Infantry Regiment 419th Infantry Battalion 390th Infantry Battalion...
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    U.S. 3rd Infantry Division

    U.S. 3rd Infantry Division - Major General Lucian Truscott 7th Infantry Regiment - 1-7 2-7 3-7 15th Infantry Regiment - 1-15 2-15 3-15 30th Infantry Regiment - 1-30 2-30 3-30 Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 3rd Infantry Division Artillery - 9th Field Artillery Battalion...
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    U.S. 2nd Armored Division

    U.S. 2nd Armored Division - Major General Hugh Joseph Gaffey Combat Command A - Combat Command B - 41st Armored Infantry Regiment - 1-41 2-41 3-41 66th Armored Regiment - 1-66 2-66 3-66 67th Armored Regiment - 1-67 2-67 3-67 14th Armored Field Artillery Battalion - 78th...
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    U.S. Provisional Corps

    U.S. Provisional Corps - General Geoffrey Keyes (1) Notes: 1. Headquarters activated on 15 July 1943.
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    U.S. 45th Infantry Division

    U.S. 45th Infantry Division - Major General Troy H. Middleton 157th Infantry Regiment - 1-157 2-157 3-157 179th Infantry Regiment - 1-179 2-179 3-179 180th Infantry Regiment - 1-180 2-180 3-180 158th Field Artillery Battalion - 160th Field Artillery Battalion - 171st Field...
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    U.S. 1st Infantry Division

    U.S. 1st Infantry Division - Major General Terry Allen (1) 16th Infantry Regiment - 1-16 2-16 3-16 18th Infantry Regiment - 1-18 2-18 3-18 26th Infantry Regiment - 1-26 2-26 3-26 Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1st Infantry Division Artillery - 5th Field Artillery Battalion (155 mm)...
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    U.S. II Corps

    U.S. II Corps - Lieutenant General Omar Bradley Notes:
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    U.S. Seventh Army

    U.S. Seventh Army - Lieutenant General George S. Patton 1st Ranger Battalion 3rd Ranger Battalion 4th Ranger Battalion 70th Tank Battalion 753rd Tank Battalion 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion 813th Tank Destroyer Battalion - two platoons 39th Engineer Regiment 540th Engineer Shore Regiment 5th...
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    46th British Infantry Division

    46th British Infantry Division - General H. A. Freeman-Attwood Notes: The division did not see service in Sicily but landed at Salerno in September 1943 as part of the US Fifth Army during the initial invasion of Italy.
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    U.S. 82nd Airborne Division

    U.S. 82nd Airborne Division - Major General Matthew Ridgway (1) 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel Reuben Henry "Rube" Tucker 1-504 PIR (2) 2-504 PIR (2) 3-504 PIR 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment - Colonel James M. Gavin 1-505 PIR 2-505 PIR 3-505 PIR 325th Glider...
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    U.S. 9th Infantry Division

    U.S. 9th Infantry Division - Major General Manton S. Eddy Headquarters, 9th Infantry Division - 39th Infantry Regiment - Colonel Harry A. "Paddy" Flint 1-39 2-39 3-39 47th Infantry Regiment - Colonel George W. Smythe 1-47 2-47 3-47 60th Infantry Regiment - 1-60 2-60 3-60...