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    Did Italian Paratroopers jump with all their stuff?

    Curiously I can't find a whole lot on this in the limited sources I know how to find. So German units famously dropped without all their weaponry - these came down in pods and they were supposed to go find them. Allied paratroopers dropped in full battle rattle but had the whole leg bag thing...
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    Italian Army Close Combat Manuals and/or Systems?

    Jeff, Thanks for the information; I don't believe I turned up any of that when I last went searching so your find was better than mine for sure.
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    Italian Army Close Combat Manuals and/or Systems?

    Did the ER (or any other Italian military force) have a formalized close combat / bayonet / combatives system in use during the general WW2 era? I know of myriad systems for the US, UK, Japan, Russia, and even China, but to date I have not turned up anything on Italy.