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    Milizia di difesa territoriale(1943-1944)

    Thanks for the information! A very unexplored subject! It's hard to look at this objectively as all the sources (Yugo and Italian) are very biased. Ordered today Operationszone adriatiches Küstenland by kaltenegger. Hope to find something there about then too.
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    Milizia di difesa territoriale(1943-1944)

    By Italian formations I mean unit and battle order. Sadly I don't know Italian so I m limited only to translated sources. Here is another book I m searching for, sadly it's available only in Italian..
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    Milizia di difesa territoriale(1943-1944)

    I'm opening a tread for you to share your knowledge and discuss the Italian formations (Milizia di difesa territoriale) in OZAK during 1943-1945. I also recommend for all to read the book from P. Cripps about it as it was one of the only English translated books on that subject.
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    Repro leather gear

    There is also that guy Lukaš Hatina on Facebook . https://www.facebook.com/lukas.hatina.9
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    Coastal Unit Organization?

    I having hard time searching for battaglione costieri Information in Istria before the armistice. Especially the ones stationed near Pola and nearby. (412 battagglione costieri).