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  1. Saetta

    Sollum Encounters [Desert Wings - Tobruk]

    Desert Wings Tobruk is a newly released combat flight simulator, and the newest expansion of the game: IL2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz. I tried my hand at the MC.202 and ran into some RAF near Sollum, Libya! Highly recommend if you're into flight sims (y)
  2. Saetta

    Casualties of the 3° Alpini Divisione Julia

    Hello, I am looking for a complete list of casualties following the 3° Alpini Divisione Julia between October 28th, 1940 and their final withdrawal from the front on January 6th, 1941. I have the following official regimental losses of the 9th Regiment, which only covers two of the five...
  3. Saetta

    1/48 Fiat CR.42 and RE.2005

    Fiat CR.42 Falco Reggiane RE.2005
  4. Saetta

    Battle of Pantelleria (Operation Harpoon)

    This post is in reference to the Battle of Pantelleria, a surface engagement between the Italian 7th Cruiser Division under command of Admiral Da Zara, facing an equally sized Royal Navy "Force X" under Admiral Cecil Hardy, which attempted to escort a resupply convoy to the besieged Malta on...