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    greece 1940 maps

    Sorry even though I know it doesn't have much to do with the main theme but there is by chance someone among you who has some digitized map taken from the Greek official history that shows the Greek deployment at the beginning of the war ... of course scan in legible way ... Thanks in advance...
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    Sicily Luftwaffe and Regia Aereonautica

    Alex if you really want an overall OOB on the Sicilian countryside maybe it is good that you also put a format for the Luftwaffe and the Royal Air Force as well as for the Royal Navy and the Kriegsmarine.... All the best maurizio
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    Regia aereonautica 1-7-1943

    1 Stormo C.T. 6º Gruppo C.T C.205V Sardegna/Sicilia 17º Gruppo C.T...
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    I understand that maintaining a site is expensive and difficult, but now all this advertising, even at the bottom of individual messages, begins to break the boxes a bit, also because often and willingly you have to close the banner to read part of the writing, it is really necessary to keep...
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    Dicat-Maca defense of Golfo Napoli-Salerno 1943

    Hi For many years now I have tried to answer this question but I have never been able to give it an exhaustive answer. I would therefore like to look for a collaboration with the members of this forum to try to put together the information in my possession now .... Thanks in advance For june...