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    alternate uniform sources

    So aside from going as low to ordering from Hikishop i was told by our usual source Santoria equipe/Giuseppe Infante that he is out of grey green cloth. I have no idea when he is going to get more and the last time i checked was before bootcamp so it has been months (i asked recently and same...
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    Uniform Sources

    So as a bit of a update i am now active duty in the US Marines; that aside i was wondering if there are any new sources of uniforms, some of the usual sources don't seem to respond from which i partially guess might be covid
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    Anyone ever buy from Breslavia?

    He seems like he produces decent stuff. However when i ordered a good quality Borsa from him with his reproduction strap i didn't get it. Its been like 3 weeks;then again he seems like a college student. Opinion on him?
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    Ground crew based infantry?

    Hello i was wondering what ground crews wore. I've seen illistrations of what looks like the average italian uniform except dyed a blue, the puttees also seemed to be blue strangely enough, i am wondering if they had seperate greatcoats dyed this color, i will attach said picture soon...
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    MVSN greatcoat?

    Hello I want to create a pre social republic kit, and am trying to look into period correct gear. In particular I wanted to do one of the MVSN units sent to Russia. However I'm a bit confused on the greatcoat. I've had sources tell me that double breasted was officers only and at the same time...
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    Medic uniform?

    I was wondering if medics (i imagine they didn't unlike the germans, but you never can be sure) had any set uniforms or did they simply wear a red cross band? IIRC some of the divison decals were a cross so I'd imagine that would make things confusing. Furthermore what did MVSN medics look...
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    How webbing was worn?

    How was the webbing worn? I recently got a reproduction of it (2 pouch one with neck strap and belt given to most troops) one side has a bunch of notches for the buckle while the other has two. When I tried to wear it o ended up having much more of the (more notched) belt as excess