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    Italian repro items

    Hello everyone a friend of mine was looking for a pair of italian pants for his officer impression? What should he get? The first one or the second one? I had some problems on knowing which ones are for arent the M40 (first one) supposed to be for EN and the ones listed as M41 (even thought they...
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    Bersaglieri in Spain

    Hello everyone, I've been searching for some weeks now on a bersaglieri in spain impression, unfurtunally i havent find a good source of photos for reference, only some from books with drawings, does anyone have a good source of photos were I can base my impression, the only good one that i...
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    Italian jump boots, where i can find them and how they look like?

    Hello everyone, recently a friend of mine is looking for a folgore impression, but he cant figure out how they were does anyone has a picture of those (are they similar to german ones?). Also does Andrea Roccon make them?
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    Italian tropical officer's ranks

    Hello everyone, I'm confused about a detail of colonial uniforms, did officers wore ranks on their sleeves (like on the m40) or did they just used the shoulder pads whit stars only?