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    Carcano with grenade launcher

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    Fondazione Ansaldo photos

    http://ca2019.fondazioneansaldo.it/pawtucket2/Gallery/Index More than 30000 photo
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    Catanzaro Division

    https://issuu.com/rivista.militare1/docs/studi-storico-militari-1990-testo A long text of its constitution and arrival. PS: To Franco, it seems its regiments arrived after 1 June 1940 so we have probably about +8000? men arriving to be added to the Allegati 4 and 5 before 10 June.
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    10a Motocorazzata company

    Of 10 Bersaglieri regiment. Said to arrive in Africa with main unit, was this some unit with experimental AB-40 autoblindo? because i can't see any reason to be motocorazzata?
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    Change in cookie behaviour?

    I have had to use another browser to enter the forum, it does not allow to enter with Firefox Says this: Oops! We ran into some problems. Cookies are required to use this site. You must accept them to continue using the site.
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    What if Prince Amadeo d'Aosta was sent to Libia instead of Balbo?

    He had an army that seemed overall more competent than the army in ASI. But was he the factor for that? Still i am not seeing much influence of Balbo in ASI army, he certainly did not handled the military day to day. Did not build a motorized unit with assets at hand, while he probably could...
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    Tankette production in 1942,43

    I have that there were produced CV 38 tankettes, 52 in 1942 and 32 in 1943. Some data says that it was a 13.2mm Machine gun, but i have also seen that it retained the machine gun armament of earlier tankettes. Any information on this? Edit: other sources talk only about convertions
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    Organisation of Carri L battalion

    I think i have never seen the structure of this type of unit despite being so numerous at war start. How many troops, trucks, dovunque?, motorcycles? Btw if anyone have the structure of "Santi" cavalry groups of Celere Div's would be also welcome
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    Guardia alla Frontiera in Albania

    For what period would be this GAF organisation ? https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Settore_di_copertura
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    Why Graziani choose to motorise a Lybian division instead of AS one?

    Because smaller and there were not enough trucks for AS division type?
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    What happened to the GAF in Africa?

    The numbers are huge more than 3000 infantry in Tripoli 3000 in Zuara, more than an hundred batteries, a couple thousand in Cirenaica. Were they - specially infantry - employed as replacements for AS divisions? i know that in 42 was formed a GAF regiment.
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    Any RM reaction to French CV Joffre?

    By 1938 starts the building of French carrier Joffre supposed to be a pair ships. What was the reaction of Regia Marina to it? Denial? :) https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classe_Joffre
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    What if: Ariete,Littorio, Trieste, Trento sent to NA July 1940?

    I know this completely fictional since Italy wasn't expecting a full war. Do these mobile units with Ariete and Littorio only with tankettes could have taken Egypt?
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    Regia Guardia di Finanza in WW2

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    Horses qty in Fanteria, Montagna, Alpini divsions?

    I am looking for the number of horses/mules in these 3 type divisions.
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    The failure of MAS?

    I am checking the MAS successes and seldom they have been efficient where it appear they should in Sicilian channel. - MAS 532 hits Sydney Star in Operation Substance July 41 - some eventual success in operation Pedestal. I know that Italians considered MAS a bad sea boat hence the reason...
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    Quaderno SISM 2019 online

    http://www.societaitalianastoriamilitare.org/ For my interest, to note in Vol I the 2 articles with close links air and naval of Fascist Italia and Communist Soviet Union before II WW made the biggest political deception of last 100 years.
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    CV 33/35 combats in NA?

    I have not read any specifics about any combat by the CV 33/3's including those that were upgraded with a solothurn 20mm, does any one have? Did they ever fought the Rolls Royce and other fast British armored vehicles?
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    Photo of RA aircraft with drop tanks in war?

    Anyone saw any photo? i have never seen one.
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    RAF Bomber Command air bombing of Italy 1940-42?

    Anyone has a list of air bombing of Italy by RAF Bomber Command in period of 1940-42. I know it started already in June 1940 by Whitleys that staged in Channel Islands.