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    I found this Italian military archive

    JSTOR has the following article in it's library: JOURNAL ARTICLE The Italian Military Records of the Second World War Silvia Trani, Pier Paolo Battistelli War in History, Vol. 17, No. 3 (July 2010), pp. 333-351 Abstract The paper provides a summary and overview of Italian records related to...
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    After reading a really good discussion here on the TOE of the Italian Army in N.A. on June 10, 1940, I was wondering what was sent between September 1 and the end of December, 1940. What arrived and when? Did Mussolini ever send any trucks?
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    Anti-torpedo nets in Tobruk

    I see where the anti-torpedo nets of the San Giorgio successfully intercepted 39 torpedoes over 8 months in Tobruk. Anyone know why the Turbine class destroyers there were hit by torpedoes?
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    Is this web page accurate?

    This page shows Italian aircraft squadron transfers. When I used it to determine transfers to Cyrenaica in 1940, I counted up 16 squadrons of Cr. 42's and 12 of Sm.79's before December, 1940. I presume this is in error...
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    Aircraft for September ,1940 invasion of Egypt?

    What was the OOB in aircraft September 1940? How many fighters in a squadron?