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  1. Pendejo

    Kit Packing Manual?

    Hi again just wondering whether there was a manual on how to pack the Italian Infantryman's kit. Looking for information as to how to fold the blanket, telo, where things are carried ('...field dressing in left pocket' sort of thing) or any information related to the carriage of equipment...
  2. Pendejo

    Weapons Handling Manuals?

    Is there any Training Manuals on the usage of weapons? Like for the Carcano the only anecdotal thing I've ever heard was that the bolt was "...used energetically with the palm of the hand..." and that's about it. Did the Manual of using the 1891 or 91/43 change significantly from 1918-1943? Had...
  3. Pendejo

    Information on # of Garments Issued?

    Was wondering if anyone had information on what was actually issued to the Infantry, or regular troops. Number of socks, shirts etc. And even if possible what troops would carry on Combat Missions regarding clothing. Hopefully taking into account the length of the mission (5 day patrol vs week...