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  1. Frederico

    Eritreans in 28mm

    I was hoping to wait until I had completed my entire platoon before posting anything, but I'm still not even done with a single squad and I got impatient. So here are the first few ascari in 28mm for what will be a complete platoon. While we know the Eritrean platoons had three squads (see the...
  2. Frederico

    Compagnia fucilieri libica 1/100 scale

    Here is my compagnia fucilieri libica in 15mm for the game Flames of War. Thank you very much to Jeff Leser and others for determining the TO&E for such a unit, over on this thread here. While Flames of War offers a list for this unit, it is inaccurate. *NOTE* I am having difficulty uploading...
  3. Frederico

    Artiglieria Costiera Responsibility

    During the war, was all fixed coastal artillery transferred to the Regia Marina/MILMART? If yes, when? Relatedly, the artillery listed in the order of battles for the divisioni costieri are often labeled as artiglieria costiera, but were they actually just artiglieria campale divisionale...
  4. Frederico

    75 mm mle 1897

    The below image, as well as the below video, show a French 75 in action with Italians in Tunisia. The footage can be found here. The gun can be seen in the first 40 seconds. What was the Italian designation for this gun? Is this a one-off, or was there a unit which fielded these? Thanks!
  5. Frederico

    San Marco Oerlikon(?)

    I recently ran across this image of Btg. San Marco marines manning an antiaircraft gun in Tunisia. It's purportedly from the magazine L'Illustrazione Italiana, Year LXX, No 3, January 17, 1943. Is the gun an Oerlikon? Thanks!
  6. Frederico

    Cannone da 47/50 at Gela

    I have seen several photos of the French 47 mm Mle 1937 antitank gun at Gela, Sicily, after the invasion. These were designated the Cannone da 47/50 by the Italians. My question is, what units at Gela used these? Did it belong to a local garrison unit? Gruppo Mobile E, which was involved in...
  7. Frederico

    M11/39 AS Camouflage

    Those familiar with the Carro armato M11/39 probably know about the camouflage scheme it used in the opening stages of the desert war: a sand coloured base with green angular, geometric patterns, somewhat similar to the better known Caunter pattern used by the British. Over the past couple...