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Italian tank optics & descriptions


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I am actively looking for the optics for Italian WWII tanks what they look like (the reticle) or at least their description and any other information which can be useful for identifying these optics should I come across them.
For example while I have not found the optic of the M13/M14 I did find this description for its main cannon sight:

I ask because years ago I had the chance to see an Italian optic that was for sale as part of collection the owner did not know which vehicle the optic was from although he entertained the idea it could be from one of the later 47 mm armed "M" tanks which is not possible given the description above. I shall describe the optic I observed here as best as I can:

The sight was a "+" shaped ladder sight that goes up in 200 meter intervals starting with the number "2" (for 200 meters) with a max distance of "20" (2000 meters) there were 3 wind-age lines on each side and no other markings for different round types such as high explosive or for a coaxial machine gun. I think this maybe a 2 cm sight (Ab-41 or L6-40?) if not then it may possibly be a sight for a 37/40 armed vehicle (fiat 3000 or M11?)..... Any ideas?

Any knowledge of documents, manuals, or anything that may help ID this sight or help with other WWII Italian AFV optics will be appreciated.

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Years ago, I tried to find the reticule designs of Italian optics. The manuals of the vehicles and equipment didn't provide any diagrams. My search wasn't very extensive. There are many Italian manuals now available as DVDs. I doin't know whether any of them discuss the optics in any detail.

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