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Malta miniatures game


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Bruce has posted here previously on CS. He has been developing a miniatures game on Malta. What can I say, wow!
1 Malta frm ESE.jpg

Who would not wish to fight «C3» on this......
1  SM 81s bring in paracadusti.jpg

The paracadutisti arrive.....

Approaching Luqa.jpg

The final objective...
1 Capital area frm N 3.jpg

This is a beautiful wargame. I hope Bruce will add more.

He will be playing the game at Historicon on 22–24 July. For our European members, he will be at Colours 22, a one-day affair in Newbury on 10 September.

Pista! Jeff
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I found a video of this game as played by the team from Little Wars TV. I certainly have some issues with the video itself.

The operation was named Operazioni «C3», not Unternehmen Herkules. Herkules was only the German component of the invasion. Even the German documents call the overall operation Unternehmen C3.

I will need to check the [lan they used in the video with the actual written plan. It appears they made several errors.



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Interesting. We played something similar at our club in February 2020 but only positioned light reconnaissance forces in the remote north. The game ran in the same way and although the hills and coasts were taken, the British clung on to the airfields despite determined paratroop attack, which the Axis proved unable to take. It all comes down to if you think the attackers could keep pushing in reinforcements and supplies to win an attrition battle; we thought they could not thanks to the arrival of the British navy.