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Airfield revetments


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Aircraft revetments were earthen walls created to protect aircraft on three sides while parked on an airfield. I have found no mention of Italy using revetments and have never found a photo of a revetment on an Italian WW2 airfield (There are several photos of abandoned airfields during Operation Compass.). Does anyone know if they used them? It doesn't look that way.


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I have just gone through my Regia Aeronautica books and cannot find revetments that you describe which surprises me!
The nearest I found is in the photo below which is constructed with bricks.


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Yours looks like 1943 and to be well made. Possibly Sicily. However, in photos of Catania, Sicily, I've only found one revetment.

The oldest picture I've found is a single revetment of simple block construction, probably 1941-42. but it won't post. I have no North African airfields with revetments - not even dirt.