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Ariete Defense Of Rome


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Posted 27 February 2011 by Peleliu81

Translation help. I am looking for some info on Ariete during the last day of battle near Rome. google translate did a poor job, so I was hoping someone could assist. Thanks in Advance.

L'Ariete si muove 7 ore dopo l'ordine quando ormai non serve più. Dopo i primi scontri agli aeroporti, arriva l'ordine di sospendere il fuoco nell'attesa di ulteriori comunicazioni. Il 18° REC bersaglieri, inquadrato dalla mattina del 10 nell'Ariete, riceve alle 17 gli stessi ordini e minacce fatte all'Ariete da foglietti lanciati da una cicogna (aereo) tedesca. Il 18° ritiratosi a Settecamini subisce un attacco aereo da parte di JU87 e la mattina del 11, col comandante ferito, il reparto si disperde. Roatta non si è ancora capito cosa ci sta a fare. Si dice vada avanti e indietro da Monterotondo e nessuno riesce a comunicargli quando è necessario (finirà sotto processo con Carboni per tante altre responsabilità


Posted 28 February 2011 by Jeff Leser


This is a quick translation. The brackets are my additions to make the paragraph easier to read and understand. Other members are more than welcome to add/correct this translation.

The Ariete moves 7 hours after the order [was given] when it doesn't serve any purpose anymore. After the first clashes at the airports, the order arrives to suspend the fighting and wait for further communications [orders]. The 18° REC bersaglieri, had been set in the morning of 10 [September] with the Ariete, receives at 1700hrs the same orders and threats as given to the Ariete by leaflets launched by a German Storch (airplane). [At] 1800hrs it [Ariete] withdraws to Settecamini [and] suffers an aerial attack from JU87[.] and The morning of 11 [September], with the wounded commander, the unit is dispersed. Roatta doesn’t know yet what to do and what there [needs] to be done. It is said he goes back and forth from Monterotondo and nobody succeeds in communicating with him when it is necessary (he will end under trial with Carboni for many other responsibilities).

This is from the website Dili provided. I scanned it, but it doesn't offer much detail. Melton is much better.




Posted 28 February 2011 by Peleliu81

Thanks, Jeff!!!! This is the first I have heard or seen of the Ariete coming under an ariel attack during its flanking move. Very interesting. Yes, I wish I could find more info, but your translation is greatly appreciated.

thanks again!!!


Posted 07 March 2011 by Voloire

If I'm allowed:

"Roatta's behavior is completely incomprehensible and useless"

The other parts are ok


Posted 10 March 2011 by Jeff Leser


Thanks. All are welcome to correct my posts.