Cacciatore d'albania bustina badge ?


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Did the Cacciatore d'albania have the traditional Albanian 'skanderbeg' helmet symbol as their bustina cap badge ?


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I finally had a few minutes to research your question.The following info is from Uniformi e distintivi dell'Esercito italiano nella seconda guerra mondiale 1940-1945 pp. 488-492.

No, the 'skanderbeg' helmet wasn't used as part of the fregio. When the Albanian units were first formed in 1939, the infantry used the insignia (fregio, mostrine, and stars) of the Italian unit to which they were assigned. « Gramos » and « Dati » were with the d.f. « Ferrara »; « Tomori » and « Tarabosh » with d.f. « Venezia »; and « Kaptinia » and « Korata » with « Arezzo ».

The Albanian units were reorganized into three regiments of « Cacciatori d'Albania » in 1941. The fregi stayed the same, but a new mostrine with new stelletti (the star and skanderbeg helmet combination) was issued. This new stellette was originally issued in 1940 to the Guardia reale.

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