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Cant Z506 at Bizerte?


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my first post. Here is a colour movie taken by a Norwegian sailor around summer of 1943, probably at Bizerte after the axis retreat.

Any ideas on the unit to the partially sunken Cant Z.506's? (16:38 in the clip)



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I was hoping one of our members could help you with identifying the unit. The markings are fairly clear to read, but I don't know if they contain the information necessary for a bit identification. The R.A. is not my area of expertise, so I don't have the resources needed to follow this up.

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From the blurred how fast and dated shots it would seem Cant z506B maybe S of the 186.a Squadriglia /83.o Autonomous group of the Regia Marina based in Augusta .... sure it's Biserta ????? That squadron was part of a recovery group in Tunisia that started from Sicily mah ????
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Thanks for the replies / suggestions, the place was earlier identified as Bizerta/Bizerte, any identical photos that may place the film at Augusta?