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Cant Z506 at Bizerte?


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my first post. Here is a colour movie taken by a Norwegian sailor around summer of 1943, probably at Bizerte after the axis retreat.

Any ideas on the unit to the partially sunken Cant Z.506's? (16:38 in the clip)



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I was hoping one of our members could help you with identifying the unit. The markings are fairly clear to read, but I don't know if they contain the information necessary for a bit identification. The R.A. is not my area of expertise, so I don't have the resources needed to follow this up.

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From the blurred how fast and dated shots it would seem Cant z506B maybe S of the 186.a Squadriglia /83.o Autonomous group of the Regia Marina based in Augusta .... sure it's Biserta ????? That squadron was part of a recovery group in Tunisia that started from Sicily mah ????
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Thanks for the replies / suggestions, the place was earlier identified as Bizerta/Bizerte, any identical photos that may place the film at Augusta?


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I also believe this to be Augusta harbor. The following is from the book Courage Alone by Chris Dunning:

"In July [1943] the [83 Gruppo RM] had twenty RS14B's, four ZB06Bs, two Z506S, a single Z501 and a Breda 25 with 170 and 186 Sq. Twelve of these were operational... On 10 July one RS14B and one Z506 B were destroyed by battery fire, but on 22 July the Allies managed to capture all the other aircraft intact in the bay."

Dunning, Courage Alone. Hikoki Publications, 1998. p. 110

In the clip at 17:15 you can also see the damaged Fiat RS14B that Dunning is likely describing. I will try to find more info/pics to confirm this.

Great footage by the way, thank you for sharing!