Carcano M38 & others

Another blast of youtube videos featuring, this time, the Carcano M38:
Forgotten Weapons:
Field shoot with the Shooting Channel:
The M41:
Backyard Ballistics:
The 7.35 version. I believe they went to the Finnish before the war:


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I have been trying to free up some time to post.

Thanks for the videos. I have always believed that the M38 fucile corto was a very good design for a service rifle. It didn't have all the bells and whistles, but was simple to produce and effective for what designed for: as a combat rifle.

The video points out one issue that shooters didn't understand when they tested the rifle: the different bullet diameter. But the video missed the other issue that shooters didn't understand: the different sight picture. In the one video where the shooter is sating the rounds are going high, that is because he is using the wrong sight picture.