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Certificato di congedo


Staff member
Posted 18 September 2009 by Giuseppe

I have obtained this document, however, I am unable to read the handwriting, could one of our members be so kind as to translate it for me .

Many thanks




Staff member
Posted 19 September 2009 by Lupo Solitario

side A:

Italian Army
Trapani Military District


In date July 15, 1946, on communicate 40001/46 of July 4, 1946
given to Private Giuseppe X
son of Michele and Laura Y
born at Salaparuta in date June 1, 1923
district of Trapani province of Trapani
code number 18185 residence (canceled)
Town of Salaparuta province of Trapani
district of Trapani

signed in Trapani June 10, 1952

handwritten in red ink, on the left
"June 10, 1952 (unreadable) to Palermo Court for lack of (unreadable)"

side B

State of service:
enrolled April 17, 1942
incorporated January 7, 1943
attached to: 4th Infantry Regiment
transferred to: 30th Infantry Regiment in date May 11, 1943
disbanded for war causes July 19, 1943

job: farmworker
school grade: 3rd Primary School

(a list of duties for discharged personnel in the low part of the paper)


Posted 20 September 2009 by Giuseppe

Thank you, Lupo

out of curiosity, why would they have referred the papers to the Palermo court?


Posted 25 February 2011 by voloire

He was prosecuted because he waited until 1952 to ask for his discharge paper.


Posted 25 February 2011by Giuseppe

Why would there be cause for prosecution for not requesting a discharge paper?