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Comando Militare Territoriale


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Can anyone provide the names of the commanders ( and dates of their time in command) for the following between 1943 and 1953;

Comando Militare Territoriale di Bari (IX)

Comando Militare Territoriale di Genova (II)



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I am not sure where I could look to find this information.

v/r Jeff


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Thanks Jeff
It is obscure I know. I was just trying to fill in a time line about a general I am researching Carlo GOTTI I know he was the commander in Genova in 1948/49 from the odd scrap of info here and there ...mention on the generals.dk site and esp his signature on a document showing his rank and post. Even mention on a newsreel!!
With a surname of Gotti my internet searches...I have learnt more about the Mafia than I ever wanted to know.