Commander in Chief of the Aviazione Legionaria


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by Orlando Lorenzini » Fri Aug 31, 2007 8:12 am
Hello, dear Community!:
My question is about to know who was the commander in chief of the Aviazione Legionaria in Spain during the Spanish Civil War 1936-36? I would like to know the different Italians commanders of the "Aviazione Legionaria" in bombers and fighters. I don´t know this very important information and afterward, of the Spanish Civil War where were they in the different fronts of the Second World War.

Much thanks,I hope that somebody can answer this important question; I don´t know if this question is in the correct post "Units, battles and events".One salute from Spain, yours:
Pedro "Orlando Lorenzini"


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by Steen Ammentorp » Sun Sep 16, 2007 7:11 am

The Aviazione Legionaria was comanded in the chronological order by:

Generale di Brigata Aerea Ruggero Bonomi, until 28th December 1936
Generale di Divisione Aerea Vincenzo Velardi
Generale di Squadra Aerea Mario Bernasconi
Generale di Divisione Aerea Adriano Monti

These are their final ranks. Bonomi was only a Lieutenant-Colonel at the time in Spain.
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Steen Ammentorp
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