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It has been put forth on other forums that the Command and control for the Italian Army was lacking when viewed next to German or British forces, that they had fewer radios, and fewer leaders per capita than there contemporary's.

As far as the radio's go, and field phones, I have no idea honestly, I know they certainly had them but idk how they compared off hand.

And as far as leaders go, my understanding is that they had more or less the same numbers but there quality varied greatly

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Some here go to Surplus > RADIO RICE - TRASMETTITORI ITA various manuals

Also this small history: Colombo RADIO E.I..pdf

You can see here a chart with number of radios and model and other communication tools in an Infantry Regiment and in an Artillery Regiment of Infantry divsion. plus the text explaining. Youj can see there are only

6 RF1 and 1RA1 at regiment command level, none at battalion level. Bn's have phones, optical stations, 6 couriers on foot and 2 in motorcycles. 48 signal to put on soil to communicate with aircraft , etc...

Manual very short of optical station:

It is obviously possible that changed with war.
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When I have some time, I will post some info on this topic. I do have the laydown of rations and other equipment in 1940.