CV 33/35 combats in NA?


I have not read any specifics about any combat by the CV 33/3's including those that were upgraded with a solothurn 20mm, does any one have? Did they ever fought the Rolls Royce and other fast British armored vehicles?
I might have the wrong book but if I recall Ospreys Italian Light Tanks 1919-45 mentioned their use as harassment/ambush during Rommel's retreat towards Tunisia. The intention was to obviously try to slow down the British advance. Going from memory it was either Kesselring or Arnim that promoted their use in in this manner. On at least one occasion, the British spearhead advanced past the hiding CV.3 s and they launched a surprise attack out of a Wadi overrunning some supply trucks and capturing some soldiers along the way. I also remember a date given for that particular event but unfortunately cannot recall which day.
I believe it's this book:

During the various battles of no man's land (June 10th - start of Compass) I'm aware of the clash (sorry, don't have the date handy ATM)
when the Italians deployed in "colonial square" against an attacking squadron of Cruisers & probably some lights. This didn't end well for the tankettes and they apparently lost ~17 CVs. That battle is posted in the Warlinks online for the 6th RTR or the 11th Hussars.

Some were lost during the Battle of the Emba Gap along with the 5 x M11s during Nov. 1940. That battle is in the Warlinks as well. It's been awhile since I've read them but it's either the 6th RTR or 11th Hussars war diaries.



Thanks MelaraClubPrez, i am remembering that was also some combat with British special forces when they were deployed in rear for security proposes. But it is still thin for more than 300-400 that were in Africa.
They become even harder to find once the L6/40s come into play. It's very hard to determine if the light tanks mentioned are CVs or the L6s.

I'll try to dig up the page but there's a New York Times article that mentions some use in Stalingrad.
The Pittsburgh Press" of October 13, 1942,4406229&hl=en


If I recall from the old Comando Supremo forum, a supply unit with CV3s was caught in the eventual encirclement in November. It could be the same one.