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Document request


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Would anybody have a copy of

Axis Naval Policy and Operations in the Mediterranean, 1939 to May 1943 by VADM Eberhard Weichold ?​



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I don't have a copy.

That appears to be a very rare item. The US Navy made the translation and did a limited print run in 1951. Worldcat only lists four libraries that have copies, and three of them are US Navy schools. The copy at the US Naval Postgraduate College is a photocopy.

I don't know if the book is a translation of Der Krieg der 'Achsenmächte' im Mittelmeer-Raum : die 'Strategie' der Diktatoren. Copies of that book are available at reasonable prices.

Pista! Jeff


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In the UK National Archive we have ADM 223/695 which is called in the description -Essay by Vice-Admiral Weichold on the War at Sea in the Mediterranean. The date on it is 1945.I wonder if it is the same document?