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German anti-tank guns with Ariete


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Posted 17 January 2005 - 05:05 PM by david

I have seen an OOB dated May 1941 that shows 60 x PaK36 37mm anti-tank guns attatched to Ariete.

Is this correct?

If so, were they a cohesive anti-tank unit? Or were the guns spread around the Division as needed?

Posted 06 May 2005 - 07:03 PM by Attilio

Further details for David

In the book : La prima controffensiva in Africa Settentrionale, Stato maggiore dell'Esercito, 1974 i have found some detailed OBs of Italian Divisions and on the distribution of the German AT gun:

Divisione Ariete

8° Rgt Bersaglieri
III Btg motociclisti > 3 cps each with one sezione 37/45 (total 9 guns)
V Btg autoportato > 2 cps with aone sezione 37/45 (total 3 guns)
XII Btg auoportato> idem (total 3 guns)

32° RGT carrista
BTR anticarro 37/45 4 sezioni ( 2 with 3 guns, 2 with 2 guns) (total 10 guns)

132° RGT artiglieria
Btr anticarro37/45> 4 sezioni with 3 guns (total 12 guns)

Total guns Ariete Division > 37 guns

Infantry Division Pavia

27° Rgt Fanteria > reinforced with 6 37/45 guns
28° Rgt Fanteria > reinforced with 6 37/45 guns

Infantry Division Bologna

39° Rgt Fanteria reinforced with 8 37/45 guns
40° Rgt Fanteria reinforced with 8 37/45 guns

Infantry Division Brescia

19° Rgt fanteria reinforced with 3 plotoni 37/45 (#?)
20° Rgt Fanteria reinforced with 3 plotoni 37/45 (#?)




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Looking at the information, I believe it came from La prima controffensiva italo-tedesca in Africa settentrionale. The information for all the units listed except Ariete is from allegato n. 10 (pp. 324-349) as footnotes to the named units. The data on Ariete is from allegato n. 11 (p. 350-351). The date for both documents is 1 Aprile 1941.