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I Culattoni


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Posted 09 January 2006 by Joseph Salemi

I recently came across a report of what an Italian Foreign Minister said in response to the rejection of the morally conservative Rocco Buttiglione as Justice Commissioner by the E.U. Parliament. The rejection was the result of intense lobbying by homosexual pressure groups.

The Minister (Mirko Tremaglia) said "Povera Europa -- i culattoni sono in maggioranza." I was told that this meant "Poor Europe -- the faggots are in the majority."

But it seems that a more proper English rendering of "culattoni" would be "bum-boys," because it derives from the Italian "culo," which means arse or bum.

Any comments?


Posted 10 January 2006 by Lupo Solitario

worst the vulgar term you find for "homosexual" and better the translation...