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Italian Brixia light machine guns


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According to Soviet printed sources of 1930-1940s, the following Brixia machine guns have existed:
1. Brixia M5 (M.5) - according to Soviet Milirtary Encyclopedia (1933) it was of barrel short recoil design, 7.92 mm (?) and fed from a twenty round magazine
2. Brixia M1930 - it was of blowback design; 2 pictures related to Brixia M1930 are included below : the general view and operating procedure.
I have found no information on these weapons in the Internet. Can anyone help me with the data concerning these LMGs?


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I saw you received a replay on Milhistroy.net. Did you receive the scan of the article?

I have PM him for a copy.


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He answered today that his scanner is working and asked for your e-mail address.