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Italian Drones, Radio Guided & AI

You can't really have a discussion about the future of warfare without including drones and AI. You might as well include cyber threats as well.
Like it or not these technologies are here and they're here to stay.

This thread is for Italy's projects not only covering modern warfare but also some projects from the past.

From a radio controlled SM.79, a remote demolition CV.3, the Gorgona Robotized AV, the Hammerhead drone and many others, this is the place to post your videos, articles and pics.
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Leonardo's V-fides underwater drone:

It's mainly wire guided but has some autonomous capabilities thrown into the mix.
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Originally posted by Vollketten from archive material:
It's the radio guided demolition CV.3

"The 'Radio Controlled demolition Tank' version of the CV.3 is mentioned as "conversion by a tank unit" [so improvised rather than production but no pictures sorry]"
Apparently the SM. 79 radio guided bomb that was used during Pedestal was painted all yellow. There's a pic on another forum that I'll try to dig up.
Leonardo is hosting an A.I. drone competition between ~6 Italian Universities. The project will last about 3 years.

" Based on an unprecedented collaboration model, Leonardo’s contest is a challenge in which six Italian universities will compete to design prototypes of a drone capable of flying autonomously in a GPS denied environment, using artificial intelligence logics.

Presented in Turin on 21 June, this initiative aims to promote cooperation and links between business, academia and research, development and innovative applications of UAV Artificial Intelligence technologies, as well as fostering the creation of new professional figures by improving resource scouting and encouraging entrepreneurship in the UAV Artificial Intelligence sector."



Male RPAS (Multinational)

Italy, Spain, France & Germany
Space Drone:

IXV (Intermediate Experimental Vehicle)

" Here visitors can closely observe the experimental spacecraft that successfully launched its mission to return to the atmosphere from a low Earth orbit (300 km) on 11 February, launched by the European carrier VEGA. A journey that IXV, while showing evident signs on the external surface, has passed brilliantly, "
"...companies and research centers led by Thales Alenia Space Italia"

This program apparently leads to the Space Rider which I suppose is the European Space Agencies version of the X-37. I think some program called Iperdrone starts here as well.



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Some interesting work.