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Italian forces in China during the 30’s


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Hello. I was reading a book on US Marine LT General Chesty Puller. A chapter was discussing his time in China during the 1930’s. The author briefly mentioned that the Italians had a force stationed in China as well at the time. Does anyone have some info on the unit and what became of their deployment when the war started. Thanks
Here's an article about the armored cars and units in China:

Naval units in far east:


In 1940 there were about 430 Italian soldiers, from the Navy Infantry Battalion "San Marco", stationing in China: 200 in Shanghai, 180 in Tientsin (where Italy had a concession), 30 in Peking and 20 the fort of Shan Hai Kuan.

For further information:
http://www.trentoincina.it/ (in particular: http://www.trentoincina.it/mostrapost.php?id=310 and http://www.trentoincina.it/mostrapost.php?id=185)