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Italian generals in Sicily


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I am looking for info about the fate of these four generals during the invasion of Sicily in summer 1943:

General Francesco Zingales, commander of XII Corps;
General Giuseppe Romano, commander of the 28th Infantry Division "Aosta";
General Ottorino Schreiber, commander of the 207th Coastal Division;
General Carlo Gotti, commander of the 213th Coastal Division;
General Giovanni Bocchetti, commander of the 18th Coastal Brigade;
General Azzo Passalacqua, commander of Port Defense "E" (Catania).

Were they captured (and if so, where and when) or did they manage to retreat to mainland Italy?

Additionally, I am looking for information about where General Gino Ficalbi, commander of the 202nd Coastal Division, was captured on 22 July 1943.

Can anyone help?