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Italian military map of Sicily


Internet Archive has been putting up a large number of maps digitized from the holdings of Poland's Central Library of Geography and Environmental Protection. Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS. Included is a map of Sicily from 1943 by Istituto Geografico Militare

Isola di Sicilia : scala 1:250.000


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Very nice. I wonder which other Italian maps they have? Finding WW2 maps has been a challenge, with many gaps in the existing sets.


Just today they put up War Office 1:1,000.000 maps that cover parts of Italy in "Army/Air" style. There are also old (pre-WWI) maps of portions of modern Italy that were at that time in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, covering places like Trieste and Trent. Published by K. u k. militär-geographisches Institut. Black and white and somewhat hard to read.


Trient : Zone 21 Col. IV

Circa 1894 and 1:75,000 scale

If I discover any different ones, I will post something

I am a bit a a map freak, thanks in part to my father who was a surveyor with the USGS


I discovered some maps of Italy that I apparently downloaded from Internet Archive in late 2022. A series of six maps of Northern Italy, including a portion of the northwest coast of the Adriatic prepared by the German Army in 1943, marked "Geheime". Maps have geographic and geologic commentary . Scale is 1:200,000

They are .tif files. I tried to attach one but received the too big notice.